Energy Storage Study Fund 

House Bill 589, "Competitive Energy Solutions for NC", was signed by Governor Cooper on July 27, 2017 and directs the NC Policy Collaboratory at UNC Chapel Hill ("Collaboratory") to administer a study on the value and feasibility of energy storage technology in North Carolina. A section in a separate appropriations bill preemptively modified the energy storage study provision by making it contingent on the Collaboratory receiving at least $75,000 in non-State funds to support the work.

This study represents a significant opportunity to inform and potentially shape energy policy in North Carolina for years to come. The Collaboratory has established an internal deadline of November 15, 2017 to meet a minimum goal of $75,000 to make sure it moves forward. We invite and encourage all partners and supporters in the clean energy economy to financially contribute to this effort. Without sufficient support by the November 15 deadline, the study will not happen. 

This foundational step is an opportunity to help policymakers understand the value energy storage delivers to the grid, including increased renewable energy deployment.  New technology such as energy storage will help North Carolina maintain its competitive advantage as a low-cost place to live and do business. Please contribute any amount TODAY to ensure this important study moves forward, and we don't lose this opportunity.

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