Offset Your Carbon Footprint with NCSEA  
Are you concerned about the improved and prolonged health of our planet? Are you looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Take a step in the right direction by donating to NCSEA’s Carbon Offset Program today!
Your tax-deductible donation will enable us to offset carbon right here in North Carolina via energy efficiency projects. Specifically, we will implement projects in low-income communities, as these communities have the highest energy burden. All donations will go directly to the cost of materials and labor of a retrofit or installation. No money will be applied to administrative costs.
Examples of projects NCSEA will fund:
 - Energy audits and retrofits for churches
 - Energy audits and retrofits for low-income households
 - Lighting upgrades in schools
How big is your carbon footprint? 
Calculate your CO2 output here(Source UC-Berkeley: CoolClimate Network)